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About Back In Balance in Hobart

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Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

Whether you want to relieve chronic pain or simply improve your golf game, Back In Balance wants to earn your trust and empower you to live your life to the fullest.

Chiropractic Care You Can Trust

Hobart chiropractor, Dr Jeff Conrad (Chiropractor) takes the time to listen to your situation, examine your spine, review x-rays, explain the problem, and make recommendations for treatment.

With a high value on present time consciousness, we offer different tiers and levels of service without asking you to sign any contractual agreements up front.

You want to know the “why” behind your treatment. You want your body to function optimally. You want to understand how chiropractic care can help treat the cause of your symptoms. You want to be heard. You’re in the right place! Back In Balance is common sense chiropractic care you can trust.

You Choose Your Personalised Care

We can focus on brain and neck work (an alignment) or your entire spine (an adjustment) without long waits. It is rare that anyone sits in our waiting room for even 10 minutes.

How long you decide to receive treatment and return for additional visits for your condition is up to you. We’ll offer recommendations based on your goals (pain relief, wellness, optimal function, etc.), but the choice is ultimately up to you.

Give Us A Try and Call Today!

Schedule a time to stop by and give us a try. If you’re skeptical, ask about meeting with Dr Conrad for a FREE ten-minute talk to address your concerns. The consultation is our way of earning your trust by answering your questions.

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