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Dr Jeff Conrad (Chiropractor)

A Chiropractor That Goes To A Chiropractor

I have always had an interest in health. As an athlete, I experienced my fair share of injuries. I grew frustrated when other solutions didn’t offer many answers to remedy the source of my problems.

Over 10 Years of Medical Education

I grew interested in the mechanical aspect of chiropractic care, of understanding how the body functions and how to help it function at its best. So, after earning a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine, I entered and successfully completed Chiropractic College. My ten years of medical education are considerably more than what it takes to become a chiropractor!

Valuing You As An individual

My education and personal experience (I continue to receive regular chiropractic wellness care!) led me to a natural philosophy of pain relief and wellness that does not rely on medication or surgery. I prefer to focus on the cause of your problem rather than just the symptoms.

I am a firm believer in personal care, listening to and caring for patients as individuals, knowing that chiropractic treatment is not a “one size fits all” methodology. I spend intentional time getting to know my patients.

My goal is to focus on you as an individual and give you my undivided attention. Trust is an important aspect of medical treatment.

Having been a chiropractor for 25+ years, I am familiar with the pace of life and the time constraints you face. Call to schedule an appointment that fits with your routine and obligations.

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